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Our Purpose

Veggie Saver is a proudly female founded and led business. We are a team of purpose driven individuals in pursuit of creating meaningful and positive impact.

We created Veggie Saver to reach and inspire everyone around the world to live waste and plastic-free. We truly care about the legacy we leave behind and believe in a better world for everyone.

Mission Statement

By 2030, I want to see our business empower over 1 billion people around the world to live waste and plastic-free, with a net profit that contributes to over 10,000 children being freed from slavery and provided long term rehabilitation.”  –
Peita Pini

Founder and Managing Director

Our Pupose
Veggie Saver Bag

Eliminate Food Waste

There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone, yet one third of food produced is lost or wasted. Veggie Saver helps households reduce their food waste by extending the longevity of their produce by 2 weeks or more. Not only will this reduce the overall cost of food, but also give those who are food insecure greater accessibility to food. 

Reduce Plastic Pollution

Everything related to plastic is damaging to the planet. From the extraction of fossil fuels to produce plastic, to the toxins that are released into the atmosphere when it is burned, to the devastating impact on sea life. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today, and will continue to for at least 500 years. Veggie Saver is the best way to store your fresh produce, and is completely plastic free. 

Promote a Sustainable Lifestyle

Our goal at Veggie Saver is to educate and guide others to live sustainably and mindfully. Veggie Saver is designed to last years, and is easy to maintain and care for. This makes it effortless for households to adopt eco-friendly practices for food storage, and begins their journey for a sustainable lifestyle. At the end of its’ very long life, Veggie Saver can be composted and returned to Earth – a completely cradle-to-cradle design. 

Destiny Rescue - Rescuing Children - Kids should be free to play

Destiny Rescue

Our partnership with Destiny Rescue began after our founder and managing director, Peita Pini, stumbled upon a documentary which highlighted the issue of child trafficking and slavery. After witnessing thousands of children being stripped of their freedom, she utilised this as her greatest motivator to launch Veggie Saver. Not only did Pini want this business to create a positive impact for the world by combatting food waste and plastic pollution, but also to generate a revenue stream in order to rescue children trapped in slavery.

Since July 1 2018, Swag Australia has donated 5% of its net profits to Destiny Rescue to support their cause. 

Watch "Do Something" | How Destiny Rescue Began

The Problem

The Problem 

Child trafficking is the world’s fastest growing crisis, and there are over 1 million children under the age of 18 trapped in modern-day slavery. In addition, traffickers earn $99 billion each year at the expense of a child’s future. These people use force, fraud or coercion to take advantage of a child or community’s vulnerabilities to meet the demands for sold sex and profit from it. Unfortunately, trafficking occurs all over the world, and the majority of victims are trafficked by someone they know.

The Solution

Founded in 2001, Destiny Rescue is committed to being a leader in the fight against child slavery. Their mission is to rescue the exploited and enslaved, provide intensive care to those abused, protect the vulnerable, empower and provide independence, and be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves. The charity works in numerous countries across the globe to liberate as many children as they can. Since 2011, Destiny Rescue has given freedom to more than 8,500 people  around the world. 

If you’d like to learn more about Destiny Rescue’s mission, visit their website here.

Destiny Rescue

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