Veggie Saver Bag

More crunch,
less waste with veggie saver

Cut food waste, save money, and keep fruit and veggies
fresh and crisp for 2+ weeks.


Machine Wash


Dampen Veggie Saver


Add produce and
place into the crisper

Scientifically Proven, Award-Winning &
Patented, Multi-Layered Technology

Multi-Layered Technology


This layer preserves water and
let’s produce absorb oxygen.


The thick, absorbent middle layer
draws water away from fresh produce
and hydrates them as needed.


The inner layer keeps produce
dry and lets it breathe.

Highly recommend! I grow my own lettuce and herbs and this bag keeps it fresh for weeks! Just remember to dampen it atleast once a week for it to retain moisture. Feel like I need 2 more bags!

Emily F.

I joined a CSA this summer, and consequently receive almost a bushel of produce at a time. The Veggie Saver worked for delicate lettuce, spinach, argula, and napa cabbage. The bag maintained the flavor as well as the crisp texture of each vegetable listed. Keeps the veggies fresh in the main compartment of the fridge when you run out of crisper space. Love these!

Jessica L Szydlowski

I love this produce bag! It keeps my produce fresh for an increased amount of time over plastic bags in the crisper drawer. The bag is built well and has a quality feel to it. I am very pleased with this purchase. It is exactly what it was advertised as and more!Thanks!

Amazon Customer

Love my VS bags! I’m saving heaps of $$ now

Kirsty Kent
reusable produce bag

Learn About Our Scientific Claims

The makers of Veggie Saver teamed up with Australia’s Applied Horticultural Research to scientifically test the efficacy of Veggie Saver’s design!

Veggie Saver Bags size

Food waste is a global issue which has substantial economic and environmental costs. It occurs at all stages of the food supply chain, from harvesting, storage, transportation, retail, and at home. According to the UNEP, 61% of global food waste occurs at the household level.
Reducing food waste is a multi-faceted win for the planet and its people, improving food security, addressing climate change, saving money, and reducing pressure on land, water, biodiversity, and waste management systems. 

Peita Pini - Veggie Saver's Founder
Peita Pini Founder and Managing Director

Veggie Saver is a proudly female-founded and led business and partner of Destiny Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating children from human trafficking. Since July 2018 to December 2022, Swag Australia (parent company to Veggie Saver) has donated over 18% of its net profit to support Destiny Rescue and will continue to donate a minimum of 5% of its net profits to the charity in the future.

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