Your Crisper Questions Answered

You’ve probably heard us tell you several times to store your Veggie Saver in your fridge crisper. But this raises quite a few questions – Where is it? What is it? Why should I use it? How do I use it? What if I don’t have it? For anyone who’s not a fridge fanatic, these are very common questions (we weren’t sure either!). Lucky for you – we did lots of research and have compiled a list of answers!


Where/what is the crisper? 

In most cases, it is the drawers located at the bottom of your fridge. These are designed specifically for fresh fruit and veggies (not your drinks!).


How do crispers work?

Crispers are designed to maintain a higher humidity level than the rest of your fridge- which is exactly what your fruit and veg need to maintain optimal freshness. It is for this reason that we’re all about giving your Veggie Saver a VIP spot in the crisper! 


My crisper has fancy humidity settings! How do I use them?

Some crispers have adjustable humidity to cater for all different types of fresh produce. This just means that you can take extra good care of the things you put inside! A fantastic rule of thumb is: “rot-low, wilt-high” – anything that rots (think apples and carrots) is best kept at a low humidity setting, while anything that tends to wilt (such as spinach or herbs) should have a higher humidity level. Of course, you will most often be sorting both types of produce, and setting it to more neutral/high is best in this case. 

It may take some trial and error and a couple of weeks to get to know how your Veggie Saver and produce respond to your crisper and humidity settings, but once you nail it, your crisper and Veggie Saver will be your best friends towards longer lasting produce to enjoy!


But wait – my fridge doesn’t have a crisper!

Not every fridge comes with a crisper, and that’s totally fine! Your Veggie Saver can sit happily on your fridge shelf. Just bear in mind that it will dry quicker and will need to be dampened more often (if you’re unsure how damp your Veggie Saver should be, you can read the answers to your damp questions here). Regardless of where it sits, your Veggie Saver will ensure your veggies thrive for up to 2 weeks or more!


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