What To Do With Your New Produce Bag

So you’ve purchased your first Veggie Saver, you’re super excited and take a few selfies with it and can’t stop gushing over how cute the packaging is (we’re pretty proud of it!), and now you’re ready to use it and see 2 weeks of extra freshness in your veggies AND save $$. But hold up! Before you start putting your groceries in, you’ll need to ensure you follow these 3 easy steps!

These are the 3 most common steps missed when people first use their Veggie Saver, so we’ve crafted this helpful guide to ensure your fruit and veggies are well looked after! 

1. Wash your Veggie Saver

It is super duper important to properly wash your Veggie Saver before you use it! Why, you might ask?

  • Your Veggie Saver has been on a long journey and was passed around by a number of people from manufacturing, to arriving at a retail store and now in your home, so we want to ensure it’s clean and fresh before you use it!
  • Washing your VS activates the multiple cotton layers which allows it to be more absorbent. This is crucial to ensure your Veggie Saver maintains moisture and gives the produce you put inside the hydration it needs to thrive!

Simply turn your Veggie Saver inside-out then throw it in a COLD (30°C or less) machine wash cycle with a natural or plant based detergent, then hang dry in sunlight before use!

2. Clean out your fridge

Your fridge may look clean, but there may be undetectable bacteria and mould growing that cannot be seen even with 20/20 vision! We strongly encourage you to give your fridge a thorough clean and wipe out using white or apple cider vinegar. 

Vinegar is your best friend when it comes to killing mould and bacteria, so always keep it handy whenever you clean out your fridge (we recommend once a month). 

3. Wash your fruit and veggies

Now that your Veggie Saver is fresh and clean, you’re ready to put your fruit and veggies inside. But wait! Are they clean too? Just like your fridge, your fruit and veg can also harbour bacteria! 

One easy way to remove any dirt and bacteria from your produce is to soak them in a white or apple cider vinegar bath for 15 minutes (use 3:1 ratio of water to vinegar), then pat dry with a clean tea towel before storing them in your Veggie Saver. If you’re soaking the produce in your sink, ensure your sink is clean beforehand! 

Giving your Veggie Saver TLC means your produce is well looked after, which leads to fresher and healthier eating! It all comes full circle, but only if you don’t miss a step! 

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