Keeping your Veggie Saver damp is a super important step, and also very easy to do wrong! If your Veggie Saver is too wet or too dry, your produce won’t experience 2 extra weeks of freshness! To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of FADQ (frequently asked damp questions) to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Veggie Saver!

What’s the ideal dampness I’m looking for?

Do you remember the feeling of your Veggie Saver once it finished cleaning in the washing machine? That’s exactly how damp you want your Veggie Saver! We like to call this “dry-damp”, but feel free to call it “fresh-out-of-the-laundry-damp” or whatever you like!

How do I know if my Veggie Saver isn’t damp enough?

When your Veggie Saver is at an ideal dampness, it will feel cold to the touch. As it dries out, it will feel warm or neutral to touch. Make sure you apply more water when it reaches this stage! 

What’s the easiest way to dampen when I…

  • Have a fresh and clean Veggie Saver ready to use? 

Make sure you dampen it BEFORE you put your fresh produce into it! Only wet the outside layer and wring out the excess water. The inside of the bag should be dry and not noticeably wet. 

  • See my Veggie Saver start to dry out? 

Just pour a glass of water over it – don’t worry about taking the produce out or removing the bag from the crisper. Alternatively, keep a spray bottle filled with water in your fridge (which also acts as a reminder!) and give your Veggie Saver a good squirt (not a fine mist – you want to give it the same amount as what would be in a glass).

  • Store my Veggie Saver on the shelf of the fridge?

Your Veggie Saver will dry out quicker if it is stored on the shelf of the fridge, and requires more hydration than if it were stored in your crisper. But don’t worry, it only requires a little bit more work! Simply take it out of the fridge and move your Veggie Saver under a running tap back and forth a couple of times, then place it back onto the shelf. 


How often should I dampen my Veggie Saver?

Not every fridge will treat your Veggie Saver the same – some fridge crispers can maintain an ideal dampness for up to two weeks, while others may require you to dampen your Veggie Saver every few days. It may take some trial and error and a couple of weeks to get to know how your Veggie Saver responds to your fridge, but once you do, it’ll be your best friend towards longer lasting produce to enjoy! 

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