How Veggie Saver Pays For Itself Within the First 2 Weeks of Use

You wouldn’t believe how much food the average Australian household wastes per year – $2,000! In the US it’s USD$1,600 for the average family of four. With staggering numbers like these, and the overall cost of living rising, now is more important than ever to really pay attention to how much food you’re throwing away and finding ways to save what you can! This will not only help your wallet, but also save our planet from the millions of greenhouse gas emissions from food in landfill (did you know that food rotting in landfill contributes to 10% of total emissions – more than flying, plastic production, and oil extraction combined?).

We asked our in-house mathematician how much food waste a Veggie Saver could save the average household – and the results were beyond outstanding! We can proudly say that Veggie Saver can pay for itself within the first 2 weeks of use! Read below for more information! 🤓


According to FIAL’s 2021 NFWS Feasibility Study Report, total household food waste is around 3.2 million tonnes per year, with 42% of these being fruit and vegetables. If total food waste costs the Australian economy $36.6bn, and $19.3bn of this comes from households, this works out to be approximately $2,000 per household per year.

We’ve previously worked out that 42% of food waste is fruit and vegetables, so 42% of $2,000 is about $840. As there are 26 fortnights in a year, this works out to be $32.27 worth of wasted fruit and veggies per fortnight, beyond the RRP of a Veggie Saver!


The same can be said for the USA. According to Food Print, the total amount of household food waste is 76 billion pounds per year, and approximately 41% of this is fruit and vegetables. RTS states that an average American family of four throws away $1,600 worth of food each year. With 41% of this being fruit and vegetables, this works out to be $656 per year, or $25.23 of wasted fruit and veggies per fortnight – also above the MSRP for Veggie Saver.


If Veggie Saver is used at its full capacity, extending the life of your fresh produce for two weeks or more and therefore reducing or eliminating any food waste, Veggie Saver is a smart investment that can pay for itself in the first 2 weeks of use!

The results speak for themselves – Veggie Saver is a perfect sidekick for all households that can save thousands of dollars in food waste. It is built to last many years, so your household can enjoy these savings AND and help towards building a cleaner, greener, healthier planet.