You may have come across plastic containers dedicated to storing fruit and vegetables. But if you think these are a cost effective and better substitute to a Veggie Saver produce bag- think again! Storing your favourite fresh produce in containers may be helpful when it comes to organisation, but when it comes to keeping produce fresh and crisp for weeks and free from toxic plastic, you can’t go past Veggie Saver. Veggie Saver’s intelligent, patented technology is scientifically proven to work with your fresh fruit and veg in any part of the fridge you decide to put them in, and give them 2+ weeks of freshness. Plastic containers, on the other hand, do not provide these guarantees.

Read below for another 5 reasons why produce bags are the best storage solutions for fruit and veg!


1. Reusable containers are made from plastic

Are your plastic containers made from BPA? This is an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics and resins, which can seep into the food you store and if consumed have negative impacts on your health. Even if the plastic containers you use are BPA-free, it’s important to note that all areas of producing plastic are very costly to the environment. From the extraction of fossil fuels to produce plastic, to the toxins that are released into the atmosphere when it is burned, to the devastating impact on sea life. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today, and will continue to for at least 500 years. 

In contrast, Veggie Saver is made from unbleached unseeded cotton, handmade with love and is completely natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals, so you can trust that it is completely non-toxic and non-allergenic. Additionally, at the end of its (very) long life it is fully compostable – giving back to mother Earth what was originally hers! 


2. Mix and match your produce with Veggie Saver – and save space!

One of the best things about Veggie Saver is that you can put any mixture of fruit and vegetables in one convenient bag (meaning you’ll save lots of fridge space!). This isn’t recommended for plastic containers, where storing produce separately is highly advised (meaning you’ll need to have 5 separate containers for 5 different types of produce!). This is because ethylene-producing fruits will fasten the ripening of other fruit and veg next to it, especially in enclosed spaces with little to no ventilation. You won’t need to worry about your ethylene-producing fruits rubbing badly on your crunchy veg with Veggie Saver! 


3. Fruit and veg are best stored in the crisper

The crisper is a humid environment designed to house your fruit and vegetables, so it makes so much more sense to put them there! But if you’re putting your produce in plastic containers (which are designed to be put on fridge shelves), you’re left with an empty crisper! The general fridge space is a much drier environment which will dehydrate your produce faster than if they’re stored in the crisper. When your fruit and veg are dehydrated, they lose a lot of their valuable nutritional value. Veggie Saver is tailored to meet the needs of your fruit and veg, and houses them in whatever environment of your fridge they decide to live on – shelf, crisper, freezer, you name it! Refer to our Your Crisper Questions Answered blog for more information on how Veggie Saver works hand-in-hand with your fridge! 


4. Veggie Saver gives your produce necessary air and water

Like humans, fruit and veg are living, breathing things, and require air and water to thrive. Some plastic containers are designed to give your fruit and veg air ventilation (some even have a dedicated CO2 filter!). However, opening the container multiple times throughout the week may affect the oxygen and CO2 levels your fruit and veg receive. Additionally, plastic containers do not give your produce the necessary water to hydrate, which is important for them to retain their nutrients! This is where Veggie Saver’s intelligent patented technology wins! Your produce can pull water from Veggie Saver’s middle layer as it needs, with plenty of air thanks to the breathable cotton layers. 


5. Store pre-washed cut fruit and veg in Veggie Saver

Prepped too many veggies for dinner and concerned about slimy edges in your next meal? Fret not! Veggie Saver keeps your cut fruit and veg cosy, similarly to if they were whole – all without the plastic! Think of all the prep time you would save if you could wash, cut and store all your veggies at once! Plastic containers on the other hand are not recommended for storing cut or pre-washed produce! 

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