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About our vegetable storage bags

Are you sick of throwing away sad, limp fruit and veggies? We hear you!

Say hello to Veggie Saver – the multi-award winning and intelligent produce bag that is scientifically proven to keep fruit and veg fresh for two weeks or more, reducing food waste and saving households thousands of dollars every year. Proudly Australian owned, Veggie Saver is a completely natural product made from unbleached, unseeded cotton, so you can trust that it is non-toxic, non-allergenic, completely food safe and 100% plastic free! With Veggie Saver’s patented multi-layer technology and design, we guarantee it’ll keep the crunch and reduce food waste for many years!

fresh parsley, broccoli and capsicum in a veggie saver food storage bag and food cuts

Don’t you know? This isn’t our first rodeo!

Do we sound familiar? Veggie Saver is the sister to The Swag – the multi-award winning, original produce bag with thousands of positive customer reviews, an endorsement by Oprah, and a deal on Shark Tank Australia. 

The Swag reuseable produce bags

In order to fulfil our mission of eliminating world wide plastic and food waste, it was the next natural step to create a product targeted for wholesale distribution. This way, we would globally reach as many people as possible. 

To create Veggie Saver, we took all of the best parts of The Swag and tweaked a few things to make the best produce bag on the market! 

Why everyone loves our produce bag

  • Because it actually works

Our multi-layer patented technology creates the ideal environment for your produce to stay fresh for several weeks! It’s our secret sauce that separates us from every other produce bag on the market.

  • Plastic-free and reusable

Veggie Saver replaces the need for single-use plastic in the fridge and mimics the oxygen-full and water-rich environment at the grocery store. Use your Veggie Saver for years and years and compost it at the end of its life! 

  • Less food waste

Veggie Saver keeps the crunch and retains nutrients as well as saving customers thousands of $ every year on produce gone bad! Say goodbye to waste!

  • Fair trade

Veggie Saver is manufactured in India, in a women-owned, SEDEX certified facility, ensuring proper working conditions and an appropriate wage for all workers.

  • Female founded

Veggie Saver is owned by Peita Pini, a heart-forward Aussie with a strong determination to reduce plastic and food waste and help rescue children from sex trafficking. 

  • Cause-driven

5% of every sale of Veggie Saver is donated to Destiny Rescue, a not-for-profit leader in the rescue and rehabilitation of children from sex and slave trafficking. Read more about our partnership with Destiny Rescue here. o

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